Sun and Moon Tattoo on a Klinton and Kristine's wrist

3 Reasons for Getting a Couple Tattoo

Tattoos are considered ancient art dating back to thousands of years ago. It was used for various reasons like rituals, protections, identity, etc. but today, tattoos are usually for aesthetic purposes to express oneself.

Our Sun & Moon Tattoo

I was always curious about tattoos but I never really thought of getting one. Then again, it changed when my dear Klinton asked me if I would like to have a couple tattoo with him. He showed me a picture of a matching sun and moon tattoo. I said it looks cute, so why not? He then explained that I am the moon since I am the light during his dark days. I had no idea what he was talking about but I came to a realization that he, at that time, makes my days brighter, so it’s just proper for him to be my sun. From then on, we called each other Sunny and Moony. We truly are a love-struck couple.

Getting a tattoo is now easily accessible with lots of emerging artists everywhere. This can be done either by the traditional way of hand poking or by using a modern machine. We got ours on the 17th of May, 2019 at Skinworkz (SM North Edsa, Manila) during his second visit to the Philippines. We placed it on our wrists where it’s visible so we can always be reminded of each other.

Our tattoos signify three things:

  • Our commitment. We know for sure that we want to be together for the rest of our lives. That’s why getting a tattoo, a permanent and painful process is no big deal. It’s on us for a lifetime, like our love. Being committed to our relationship is always a conscious decision.
  • Our loyalty. We always got each other’s back to support and care for each other. Even though we are miles apart, we are always together. There is only one moon and only one sun. For us, there will be no one else. We always choose one another.
  • Our promise. A lot of promises have been made. It may already sound redundant but we won’t easily give up. It’s us versus the world. There will be struggles along the way but we will continue to be the light to each other. We promise to let our love be stronger than anything else.

Our decision to get a tattoo was solely ours. Some people criticized it but we didn’t mind. It doesn’t matter what others have to say because we are happy about it. And that’s the most important thing.

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