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Boracay Adventure: Getting there (Day 1)

This is part 1 of our Boracay Travel Itinerary! It was indeed a splendid adventure! 🙂

Our flight to Boracay

We rented an Airbnb in Newport City which is a 10-minute walk to NAIA 3. Our flight was 7:50 in the morning and we got to the airport around 6 am.

We were bound to Kalibo Airport from Manila. It’s nearly an hour plane ride with Philippine Airlines. I was thrilled because it’s my first time to fly. Sunny enjoyed observing my reactions; he teased me by offering the air sickness bag to be my best friend.

Land-Sea Transfers

Kalibo Airport is pretty small and easy to navigate through. We immediately went to the exit and looked for the Island Star Express’ booth for our hassle-free transfer.

The receptionist checked our booking and gave us red stickers. There was a staff outside the airport that directed us to the designated shuttle.

The shuttle was cozy and spacious; it’s perfect to take a nap since the travel time from Kalibo International Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port was 2 hours.

We noticed long queues before the entrance of the port terminal when we arrived in Caticlan. It’s a good thing that we booked our transfer online because it saved us time. The staff from Island Star Express ushered us directly inside where they checked our names again and gave us our terminal pass.

We rode a boat from Caticlan to Cagban, then we waited for our service to our hotel. We had a fancy ride with the solar-powered jeepney with a built-in fan inside it.

Take note: We didn’t pay anything anymore during our transfers. Everything was covered when we booked through Klook for P490 ($9.8) each.

Hotel Accommodation

We stayed at Il Mare Sakura Resort which is in Station 1, Balabag, back of the Holy Rosary Church Plaza. It’s 3 minutes away from the shore. The resort has this Japanese-inspired interior design that we loved. They have a swimming pool beside their humble restaurant.

Our room was spacious with complete amenities. We had one queen bed and one standard bed with fantastic beddings. The room has a TV, mini fridge, electric kettle, landline phone, and a safety vault. In the bathroom, they provided us with toiletries such as tissue, dental kit, soap, shampoo, lotion, hand towels, and bath towels. We also had indoor slippers.

The customer service was wonderful. They have a friendly concierge. Their room service was outstanding; they changed our towels daily, removed the trash, replaced used toiletries, and refilled our water bottles.

Exploring the White Beach

We took a quick rest before we went for a walk along the White beach. It was 4 in the afternoon but the sun is still up high and it’s low tide.

Our landmark was Willy’s Rock which is an oddly-shaped rock formation in Station 1, Boracay. It felt like we were walking forever on the shore but there is comfort in the water and sand.

We had our dinner in Mang Inasal in D’mall. It’s the shopping district of Boracay which is located at Station 2. Several restaurants, boutique shops, food stalls, etc can be seen here.

Takeaways: It’s a good thing our flight was in the morning. We had enough time to survey the area to know where we’ll be going the next days and have plenty of rest.

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