Boracay Adventure: Island Hopping (Day 2)

This is part 2 of our Boracay Travel Itinerary! There is no way we are leaving Boracay without trying some of the water activities. First agenda: Island hopping.

Island Hopping in Boracay

We booked the activity the day before when we were exploring the White Beach. It cost P600 ($12) each. Our call time for island hopping was at 8:30 am with Shingley Tours in Station 2.

We looked for our agent and he directed us to the boat. The water was chest-deep since it’s high tide every morning that the waves crash up to the palm trees. Good thing we bought the Dry Bag and it saved our important stuff (cellphones, money, keys). When we were settled in on the boat, they gave us a meal stub for the lunch buffet while they were checking our attendance. Our group was diversed from all age groups – toddlers, teens, adults, even seniors. It was fun even though no one talked. Everybody just exchanged friendly smiles.

We sailed out when the group was complete. The staff entertained us with information about the islands and resorts we were passing through. They were kind and accommodating.

Destination #1: Puka Beach

people swimming beside a boat in a blue pristine water
Beach sand with shells

It’s a 30-minute boat ride from Station 2 to Puka Beach. The place is serene; the water is clear and calm; the sand is made up of crushed Puka shells; the trees provide a good shade; the wind is strong and inviting. It’s utterly paradise.

Our group was given 30 minutes to stay and explore the beach until we move on to the next island.

Destination #2: Ilig-ilgan Beach

This is a snorkelling area where we stayed for another 30 minutes. Our agency lent snorkelling gears for free but we didn’t avail it for personal reasons. What did we do, then? Well, we jumped off the boat and enjoyed swimming.

In order to preserve and maintain the area, there is a snorkelling fee of PHP40 and it is given to the patrol on the area. Of course, we didn’t pay since we were not wearing snorkels while swimming. I tried opening my eyes underwater; I only saw a large coral.

Destination #3: Crocodile Island

The last island is named after its rock formations that looks like a crocodile. Unfortunately, we were not in good position to appreciate the said formation. This island is also another snorkelling area but we didn’t notice any patrol this time and the staff didn’t ask for fees.

One thing to acknowledge is that this island is rich in marine life. We found a blue starfish while we stayed here. We released it back to the ocean after showing it to the kids.

Lunch Buffet

It’s past noon when we finished visiting the islands. To finish the tour, we were brought to the agency’s buffet area and they served rice, fried fish, adobo, and banana. They also gave us a bottled water and soda. We took the remaining time after eating to wander the area and be together alone.

A friendly island dog

We arrived back in Station 2 around 2 in the afternoon and we decided to go back to our hotel and get some rest.

Tips & Takeaways:

A dry bag, or any waterproof bag, among other beach essentials, is a must when you go to the beach. It saved us the trouble of worrying about our stuff to get wet and be destroyed.

When we arrived in Boracay, there’s this person at the jetty port who offered us a day tour with his motorbike at Php1500. He said we can go to more places than what the boat tours are offering. He gave us his number and I’ve thought of considering it, but we decided to explore further our options.

In the end, we decided to avail of Shingley Tours because they showed their ID and permit while explaining to us the activities that they offer. They are located in Station 2, along with other tour agencies.

As Sunny always says: “Better safe than sorry.” We can never tell when a person would likely take advantage of us.

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