Boracay Adventure: Watersports (Day 3)

The watersports were a thrill. We did it on the third day to maximize our time.

Shingley Tours gave a satisfactory service during the island hopping, so we booked with them again.

Our meeting time with the staff was at 9:30 am. They endorsed us to a team from Milky Watersports and was brought to Bolabog Beach where the water activities are conducted. The registration area is a tent and several agencies are there.

Helmet Diving

We registered for helmet diving first because we thought that it’s better to do this in the morning since the water is less disturbed and because by noon to afternoon, the area will be too crowded with tourists.

After giving us a stub, we were directed to a speed boat. They dropped us off at the diving site. There was a private orientation about the basics of diving; the manager told us what to expect, what to do, and what not to do. It was quick but very informative.

Diving site
Kristine waiting for the files to be transferred

Another staff helped us with the helmets. It was heavy, that’s why people need to be neck-deep in the water before they put it on. The staff placed it over me as I went down the ladder while a diver received me.

I saw the water envelop the helmet. As I went down the ladder, I lost my footing and I felt like I was sinking. I swallowed several times to prevent air pressure that I forgot to breathe.

The diver signed if I was okay. I held on to him tight and signaled there’s a problem then I heard the oxygen hissing from the back of my helmet; it prompted me to take deep breaths and everything felt normal again. The diver guided me towards the ocean floor when I told him I’m okay.

Sunny took a while before he joined me due to bad air pressure in the ears.

Our diver showed us a reef. We found Nemo there! The fish in the area were minimal compared to what we saw on the posters and other posts on social media. But we were happy. Our diver knows the picture-perfect poses!

We resurfaced when the time was up. The manager transferred the files (photos and videos) to our phone while we were resting.

There is a tip box at the table. They said it’s for the diver. Since we didn’t about this, we only brought enough cash for lunch. Anyway, we still gave Php100 ($2).

This watersport was overwhelming at first but it’s really fun. It was also humbling to see that we are so little compared to the vast ocean.

The manager called for a team to pick us up; we sailed back to the registration area and we decided to do the parasailing.


Same registration process occurred. They transferred us to another boat for the parasailing. When we were at a distance from the shore, the staff began preparing us; they helped us wear the gears and taught us how to signal them if we’d like to stop the activity. They also informed us that we might get dizzy.

What’s on my mind is that they’ll launch the chute and we will be taken away by the wind with so much force. I was wrong. They launched the chute first and attached our harness to the support when it’s fully opened. They released the tow line slowly when we were ready.

The experience was breathtaking. We are both afraid of heights but we managed. The tour was for 15 minutes. We saw how marvelous the ocean is; it just stretches as far as the horizon. There is so much to see in a bird’s eye view – mountains, the little boats, the other parasails, the watermarks left by the jetskis. We are really grateful for this wonderful creation. We are grateful that we had this experience together. It means so much more.

We got dizzy towards the end of the activity but we wanted to finish the activity even though the wind got stronger and scary. We were reeled in slowly when our time was up. They dipped us in the water as agreed. It was really fun.

They were also kind and thoughtful to take pictures and videos from our phone when we requested it earlier.

Another boat picked us up and returned us to the registration area. Sunny wanted to try the banana boat but I refused. I’m lightweight and I think it would not be fun to me as it would be for him. I don’t want to get thrown out of the banana boat in less than a minute. Lol.

Going back to the hotel

The staff from Milky Watersports called for our ride back to our hotel. Good thing: it’s free! Lol.

It’s around lunchtime when we returned. We decided to do some photoshoot on the beach before looking for something to eat. We ended up at Red Coco’s restaurant where we ate lunch and had a bottle of beer.

Tips & Takeaways:

1. Always carry extra cash for the water activities. There are tip boxes on every boat. We could have given them more if we’re not short that time.

2. Ask nicely. The locals are friendly and accommodating. They will answer questions and do favors without second thoughts. This is basic: “respect begets respect.”

3. It’s still high tide at noon time. We think that low tide starts from 3pm if you’d like a nice walk on the shore.

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