Boracay Escapade 2019: Itinerary Overview

One of the highlights of our 2019 adventure, aside from our engagement, is our Boracay trip. This is a long-awaited plan since 2018. It finally materialized.

The bliss we had was remarkable and we are glad to share how our trip went.

Why Go to Boracay?

Boracay is a true paradise for beach lovers that offers the relaxation and carefree life we all deserve with its magnificent white sand, cold pristine waters, lush coconut trees, and a lot more.

The island underwent massive rehabilitation from April 26 to Oct 26, 2018. We have no comparison before to make but we knew the moment we got there why it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

afternoon beach scene in Boracay with the blue horizon

The main reason we wanted to go to Boracay is, of course, to have fun and relax. We also considered it as our honeymoon after the engagement, if that makes sense. As for Sunny, he also just wanted to try out the water activities. He isn’t fond of going to beaches originally but he’s having a change of heart now and I love that. Yay to more beaches! Lol

Most importantly, we just wanted to experience something new in a new environment because that is what adventure is all about, right?

Here is an overview of our Boracay Adventure

Day 1 (Read details here)

5:30 am > Wake-up call

6-7 am > Check-in process in the airport

8:00 am > Boarding time

9:30 am > Check-in with Island Star Express for transfer

9:45 – 11:45 > Land transfer (Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port)

12:00 – 12:15 > Boat transfer (Caticlan to Cagban Jetty Port/Boracay Island)

12:30 – 12:50 > Hotel transfer (Cagban Jetty Port to Station 1)

1 – 2 pm > Lunch and check-in in IL Mare Sakura Resort

4 – 7 pm > Stroll along White Beach (Station 1 to D’Mall/Station 2)

Day 2 (Detailed Itinerary here)

Landscape of sea and an islet

6 am > Wake-up call

7 am > Free Breakfast Buffet in IL Mare Sakura

8:30 am > Meet-up with Singley Tours at Station 2

9 am > On board for island hopping

9:30 am > Puka Beach

10:30 am > Ilig-Iligan Beach

11:15 am > Crocodile Island

12 noon > Lunch Buffet courtesy of Shingley Tours

1 pm > Back at Station 2

*** Rest of the day is our “quality time” ***

Day 3 (Details here)

Clown fish in a reef

6:30 am > Wake up call

7 am > Free Breakfast Buffet in IL Mare Sakura

9 am > Meet-up with Shingley Tours at Station 2

9:30 am > Turn over to Milky’s Watersports

10 am > Arrival at Bulabog Beach for registration of water activities

10:15 am > Helmet Diving (15 minutes underwater)

10:45 am > Parasailing (15 minutes in the sky)

11:30 > Back at Station 1 for photoshoot

12:00 > Lunch at Station 2

*** Rest of the day is our “quality time” ***

Day 4

7 am > Wake-up call

8 am > Free Breakfast Buffet in IL Mare Sakura

We spent all day on photoshoot and purchase of souvenirs. We also wanted to watch the sunset to make a time-lapse video but unfortunately, it rained late in the afternoon. So, we just took a dip in the ocean while raining.

*Tips on buying souvenirs:

Patronize the small business owners, instead of going to D’mall because they have cheaper deals. There are ambulant vendors of dry bags, sunglasses, beach hats, etc., and there are small business owners that allow you to haggle the price.  buying dry bag from a stall

Day 5: Departure

3 am > Wake-up call

4:30 am > Pick up time from the hotel

7 am > Check-in process at the airport

9:30 am > Departure

11:45 am > Back in our Airbnb in Newport


We spent 4 nights on the island but it wasn’t enough. We wished we could extend our stay because going back to Manila means our vacation was nearly over. Nevertheless, we treasured every second of it.

Important Tips:

For transfers: We recommend booking through Klook for a smooth transfer because it’s cheap considering it covers everything and reliable for first-timers like us. The Kalibo to Boracay transfer costs P490 ($9.8) each person. We experienced no delays; there was no problem at all. All we did was follow the coordinators, so it’s guaranteed hassle-free.

For food: If you are a foodie person, expect to spend a lot on food alone. So, book a hotel with free breakfast to save you some money because we noticed that our expenses on food from the restaurants along Station 2 were at a minimum of P700 ($14) for the both of us each meal.

For necessities: We learned that we can pack really light. We brought five sets of clothes for our five-day stay but we didn’t use them all because we reused our swimming clothes (rash guards). It still depends on you, though. Also, we found the dry bag to be really convenient while we were out; it’s waterproof and lightweight.

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