A Sneaky Proposal: We are Engaged!

This is a 3-am story. It doesn’t involve ghosts or any paranormal activity; it’s just us in the middle of the night.

For the record, I sleep talk and I am usually a light sleeper that I easily wake up whenever there’s even a slight noise near me.

Whereas, Sunny usually wakes up in the middle of the night and has a hard time going back to sleep; thus, he plays.

I heard movement in the early hours of May 11, 2019, and saw him standing by the closet. I asked what he was doing; he said nothing and went back to bed.

The Proposal

He played Ragnarok: Eternal Love on his phone and I told him off. I said, “you are playing again” and turned my back on him. He hugged me from behind and repositioned me to face him, then he caressed my fingers and head until I dozed off.

Then, he started talking. It’s vague but I know he told me that he loves me so much. I’m half-awake but I said I love him so much, too.

It felt weird when I stretched my arms; something was kind of heavy and unusual. I opened my eyes and a ring glimmered. That’s when I realized why he was standing by the closet; why his heartbeat was fast earlier when he pulled me to him; why one of his peers texted him good luck before we slept.

I immediately faced him and he was smiling. He greeted me Happy Monthsary and asked: “Will you marry me?” Then he added: “Well, you can’t say no. You already have the ring. Doesn’t it look familiar?”

I looked closely. Sunny said, “You are a seeker but your search is finally over.” I was thrilled! The ring is a Snitch-based design – the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter! He admitted that he specially asked the jeweler to customize it. Of course, I said yes! Who wouldn’t?

Klinton is the man of my prayers. He’s my ideal man, and yet my total opposite. We really clash when we differ in opinion but we always decide to make up for each other. Being in LDR made it all worse but I see my future with him and I want that.

Announcing it my family

We spent the next 2 hours talking about our next plans that we forgot to take photos. We slept for only an hour because we needed to be in my family’s gathering in Bauang, La Union where I told Mama and my siblings the news.

My mother gave us her blessing. She said: “Be open-minded. Give and take. Don’t get into a fight all the time.” Then my fiance shot me a glance and rolled his eyes. He’s like saying: “Listen to your mom.”

My siblings were as supportive as my parents. They like Sunny; my youngest brother is very fond of him.

Furthermore, I told my best friend May the news first and asked her to come over and take some pictures of us – a casual photoshoot – to be uploaded on our Instagram account @ktradventures.


Fun Facts:

None of these happened because we are always together; he didn’t have the chance to get the supplies and pull it off.

  • I didn’t expect this to happen because he told me before that my engagement ring would be our Boracay trip.
  • He thought of the proposal every day. He and my best friend talked about several ways to do it but he just decided to do it during my sleep.
  • The day before the proposal, he was asking me about which of melatonin and melanin makes a person fall asleep. His plan was to buy a sleeping pill for me so that I won’t wake up and catch him.
  • Sunny told me once that he would just buy me a ring from Bonchic, a very cheap merchandise store in Baguio to tease me. I said I’m game and I didn’t mind. He originally planned on switching it to the real one while I’m asleep.
  • He wanted to set up the GoPro but he thought I’m too suspicious that I’ll ask too many questions and he also wanted to buy flowers as an add on to the surprise.

As the saying goes, it’s always the thought that counts. I love the proposal. It was simple, intimate, personal, and very us. A proposal doesn’t need to be grand. What’s important is the intention and sincerity. Besides, we both don’t like crowds.

As a final touch, we wrote it on my journal notebook.

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