Travel Diary of an LDR Couple

Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with story to tell. โ€” Paula Bendfeldt

Klinton and Kristine here! Thank you for joining us!

Why the travel blog?

Our online dating started on November 11, 2017. Like any other couple with the LDR set-up, we don’t have the privilege of being together as much as we wanted, for now. That is why we started this blog, KTradventures – it will hold our treasured memories every time we see each other.

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Love traveled back

We are both from Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, and we were high school sweethearts in 2006. Our short-lived romance, a puppy love was maintained in an awkward friendship which eventually faded over time. We dealt with life separately – Klinton migrated to the US in 2010 with his family and became an active US Navy while I finished college and became a nurse. We found comfort in each other again after 11 years. What are the odds? It’s more than just a great coincidence, right? This is our story – a love story that shows how true love finds its way, no matter how long time passes.

LDR tests commitment, not only commitment to travel but also commitment to trust and be faithful.

LDR is fun and difficult – it is a roller coaster of emotions. We want to prove that distance doesn’t matter for people who truly love. Trust, commitment, patience, and faith are all on the line. By the time we get together for good, we believe our LDR experience will strengthen us.

True love waits… 

When two people are meant for each other,

No time is too long,

No distance is too far,

No one can tear them apart.


Sharing the love, enjoy reading! ๐Ÿ’•

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